Experienced and Efficient
Reed Williams has been one of Western North Carolina’s best known
and most respected lawyers for nearly 20 years. His trials are regularly
recounted amongst attorneys and former clients. One of his professional
highlights is receiving a jury verdict of $200,000 when the medical
expenses were only $3,000.
His extensive experience has allowed him to effectively represent
employees in the areas of workers’ compensation and personal injury.
He has a successful record in representing and advising clients from all
walks of life. His broad understanding of the law and vast experience
enables him to quickly assess a client’s situation and employ a proven
legal strategy.
Moreover, many situations require outside experts and medical providers
to determine liability or damages. Over the years, Reed has developed a
trusted network of experienced medical providers and outside
professionals. Reed’s knowledge of experts and providers continues to
be beneficial to his clients.
Aside from representing employees and the injured, Reed also serves as
a mediator for workers’ compensation and mediation services. Reed is
available to travel and serve his clients whenever needed.