Effective and Tireless
Over the past decade, James has developed a reputation as one of the
most effective and hardest working criminal law attorneys in Western
North Carolina. James’s practice is focused on criminal law and
domestic violence cases. Practicing for this extent of time and in a
focused area, has allowed him to know the ins and outs of criminal and
domestic law.
James routinely provides effective representation to clients faced with
the following issues:
– Speeding tickets, driving while license revoked, and other traffic
– Assaults
– All domestic violence actions, including restraining orders
– Drugs, simple possession, and other drug offenses
– DUI and Driving while impaired
– Probation violations
– Expunctions/Expungments
– Federal Criminal Cases
James understands that a pending criminal action is a constant weight for
his clients. That’s why he works tirelessly for my clients, and regularly
meets them after hours and at night.
James is fortunate enough to be well regarded in this areas, as his peers
have selected as a Super Lawyer’s Rising Star in the area of criminal